terça-feira, 12 de junho de 2007

random reviews

"Click" - A total remake of sixth season Star Trek´s TNG episode, "Tapestry", with a couple of fun moments, Christopher Walken with the role of "Q". Becomes a downer in the last 30 minutes.

"BABEL" - A very shocking movie. A couple of years back Brad Pitt looked 30, then, i see him in this condition, he seems 70´s, completely dried out. Lucky bastard.

"THE WILD" - Shaking desperately your 3D model won´t make your story remotely insteresting.

"HIGHLANDER: The Source" - I loved the TV series, all the flashbacks, all the effort, all the persistance, everything on it . But in this movie, they all look sadly tired.

"Ghost Rider" - I want to see it, i really do, but i can´t find the inner strenght to go see it at the teathers....

"DOA" - Dead or Alive: 90 minutes of magnificent hilarity and joy, complete self aware farcical fun. Applauses

"HEROES" - TV series. It started well, but by the 5th episode, the eyes started to roll, i was hoping not too. I could get over the X-men rip-off, i could get over the fact that the intangible guy can do the double lady..but not to the fact that their offspring would be "boy who talks to machines". Or that the Firelady daughter would be indestructible girl? What happened to "Same DNA same powers"! Okay to that..but the final offense was to stone faced rip off "Alan Moore´s Watchmen". DC comics, please sue them quickly!!!"War and Peace" (1955). Bah, 5 hours of movie and still not enough of Audrey Hepburn. :PNow, a bunch of anime reviews:

"Fantasy VII: Last Order (OVA)": Never in my life i could care less about a troupe of characters, and i did tried. Got seasick at each mention of "Zepiroth". And they even dared to burn a medieval village, the same way they made fun on Mel Brooks´s "Robin Hood: Men in Tights". Aw please a thousand times.

"Ah! My Goddess" (TV series): Each minute a masterpiece. The song "Shiawase no Iro" brings tears to my eye. Literally heavenly.

"Gankotsuou": (or The Count of Monte Cristo in space..or in the future). A bunch of illustrator friends of mine completely droll over this, well, it has fancy special effects, multilayered digital painting, each furniture is like transparent glass to a moving photoshoped layer. Sorry friends, intelligent but overly distracting special effects and depressing mood and slow motion bloody stabs are not a substitute for total lack of character charisma. Lousy opening/ending themes.

"Love Hina" (TV series): Wow, with this series i learned the meaning of "FAN SERVICE" and fun use of the "Fourth Wall", I humbly stand educated by it.
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