quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2016

"X-men: Apocalypse" and "Star Trek"

How come no Star Trek fan has mentioned this one yet? 

In the movie "X-men: Apocalypse", the 5000 year-old super-mutant-with-a-god-complex wakes up from his entombment  in the 1980s Cairo.  

Still  disoriented he walks into Ororo´s home, in there he finds a TV set which is airing the "Star Trek" episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?", and then he learns in that episode that the "Age of Gods" is gone. and that pisses him. So Star Trek is to blame for his apocalyptical behaviour throughout the movie. :) 

In the previous movie, "X-men Days of Future Past" there was also a Star Trek easter egg, as Hank McCoy was watching Star Trek in his workspace, the episode "The Naked Time" which also involves time travel.

segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2016

The Dark Knight Manual

Greetings folks! Allow me to share with you this relic i acquired recently. "The Dark Knight Manual", 112 pages, giant sized, based on the  Christopher Nolan´s Batman trilogy.  It´s a guide to  tools, vehicles, and technologies shown in the movie.

This book presents concept arts, sketches, charts, but not in a "making of" kind of way, but in a immersive RPG sort of way, as if this was Bruce Wayne´s personal notebook.

I love the Gotham Police logos, they are stickers that can be peeled of, but i don´t want to, it looks really cool in the book. I also love the handwritten posts by Alfred and Lucius Fox.

There are also police reports, like this one stamped “case closed,” on the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

The Joker cards are also particularly creepy, specially the card used in the Judge scene.

There´s also a plant of the Batcave, in case you are planning to build your own batcave underneath your house.

So there´s plent of meat to satisfy the nolanist in you )  

domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

Batman Arkham Universe: The Ultimate Visual Guide

Finally i could get my dirty fanboy clutches in this awesome hard cover visual dictionary of the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" games.

In this awesome bright, heavy and colored 200 pages edition there´s wonderful renders of characters, scenarios, equipment and vehicles which appeared in the Rocksteady "Batman" games.

It´s a beautiful visual memento for the fans of the series. A little bit on the "obvious" side of things, as the alternate uniform gallery, which sounds more like excuses than explanations per se "This uniform would be more at home in a TV show"  "This spiky uniform is something that Azrael would use".

Then again, it´s all in good fun, as even the Arkham games have the fun element on it, as everyone is strong and bulky, so "badass" all the time that you can´t help but smile. But I´m just a fan, so let the gorgeousness of the thing speaks for itself.

Who will be Captain Marvel?

Who will be Captain Marvel in the upcoming 2018 Marvel movie? who´s your favourite Carol Danvers to be?

The Lost Room (2006 minisseries)

I was hunting for Sci-Fi movies on Netflix and I just remembered  this incredible minisseries from 2006 "THE LOST ROOM".

 It was 3 movie like episodes aired on the Sci-fi channel.

It´s hard to talk about it without a few spoilers, but here we go. The story involves people who collects "the objects".  The objects are seemingly ordinary objects like glasses, keys, knivess, bus tickets. BUT due to the mysterious "Event", a glitch in the universal matrix,  the purpose of these objects were cosmically scrambled, like in programming, their "actionscript" gets messed up: the wristwatch boils eggs, the bus ticket teleports people to New Mexico, the comb stops time for ten seconds and so on.

So, a sort of not so secret club is formed around those objects, obsessed collectors reunite trying to sort it of its powers, and debunk "fake" objects or objects with unknown powers. More dangerous factions researching the objects arrive to terrifying conclusions.

Some people try to use these "superpowers" to their advantage, but since their are messing with a "failure" in the coding of the universe, everything goes wrong with them

I am tempted to tell more, but if you haven´t seen it, i urge you to save a day to enjoy this hidden masterpiece.

Alien 3

I treated myself to a movie the other night, it was ALIEN 3 on bluray. I know we´re supposed to despise it, but i like this movie. 

Somehow it has that 'Damn, this is really happening" feel to it, when a hero is doomed and she´s not gonna make it. 

 The camera takes its time with people and scenery, it´s not rushing or shaking. The haunting and terribly sad Elliot Goldenthal soundtrack is a treat to the ears. It confuses my head, how can something so awful be so beautiful? 

terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2016

"Valkyria Chronicles"(PS3)

I´m truly loving this precious gem of a game: "Valkyria Chronicles".

One of mine favourite games of all time was "Fire Emblem" on the Nintendo GBA, in which you commanded your troops in a turn based strategic RPG. It had a "GUILT" based system of sorts, as each of your soldiers had a backstory, they are no nameless goons, everyone has friends, relatives, and it´s devastating when each of them bite the dust.

But, since then i turned to Sony and it´s playstations, so i was cut out of Fire Emblem sequels.  Until i found this marvelous game, which is basically a super Fire Emblem, a spiritual sequel. You command your troops, in a alternate reality steampunk 1930´s, enjoy the anime storytelling and cry your heart out when they die for good (which i don´t intend too).

So, if you want to play a steampunk game which looks like a Miyazaki movie, i truly recommend this one.