sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2016

My Star Wars collection

Greetings fellow nerds! Allow me to share with you a few pieces of my Star Wars collection i have gathered over the years.

I played this amazing game to the ground on the PS1, with graphics ahead of its time, well used John Williams soundtrack, and all and all, the first filmed Star Wars footage in decades. Along with "Galactic Battlegrounds" for the PC, and "Episode III" for the PS2, this is my favourite Star Wars game :)

"Empire at War" was another beautiful game that kept me awake for many many nights. In front of it, an Eaglemoss Batman and a Eaglemoss Darth Vader

This was a gorgeous visual guide that included many things from the Expanded Universe, such as comics and books, but after the "Force Awakens", they were removed from the canon. Still, many things from the Old Republic are sure to be revisited in future Star Wars installments.

The Marvel Star Wars comics drawn by Al Williamson are a labor of love. The inks are so perfect tgat the colors, both old and new, nearly hurt it.

Now, the 1990s Dark Horse Star Wars comics were born for the colors, and they use it with beautiful effect.

A "Power of the Force" Luke Skywalker. A great desktop companion. :) 

segunda-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2016

Star Wars Episode VIII leaked title

Rey told Finn: Thank you, my friend (and kissed his forehead).
Now Finn must face his greatest challenge!

quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2016

Train to Busan

Greetings fellow nerds.

Allow me to recommend this movie i watched yesterday, "Train to Busan" which is by far  the best movie i saw this year.  It´s a south Korean survival horror movie, in which passengers of an speeding train witness a zombie outbreak, and must head to the last quarantined city of Busan.

Koreans are the masters of tearjerking TV melodramas, and they use all their talents in this small but sharp masterpiece. Its like "World War Z" meets "28 days later" on a doom train.

Well, South Korea has some of the best TV dramas, the best K-Pop songs, best dance coreographies and now have the best zombie movies too.  :)  Here´s my recommendation, have your kleenex ready.

Spoilers for the ending of "Spiderman Homecoming"

quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2016

"X-men: Apocalypse" and "Star Trek"

How come no Star Trek fan has mentioned this one yet? 

In the movie "X-men: Apocalypse", the 5000 year-old super-mutant-with-a-god-complex wakes up from his entombment  in the 1980s Cairo.  

Still  disoriented he walks into Ororo´s home, in there he finds a TV set which is airing the "Star Trek" episode "Who Mourns for Adonais?", and then he learns in that episode that the "Age of Gods" is gone. and that pisses him. So Star Trek is to blame for his apocalyptical behaviour throughout the movie. :) 

In the previous movie, "X-men Days of Future Past" there was also a Star Trek easter egg, as Hank McCoy was watching Star Trek in his workspace, the episode "The Naked Time" which also involves time travel.

segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2016

The Dark Knight Manual

Greetings folks! Allow me to share with you this relic i acquired recently. "The Dark Knight Manual", 112 pages, giant sized, based on the  Christopher Nolan´s Batman trilogy.  It´s a guide to  tools, vehicles, and technologies shown in the movie.

This book presents concept arts, sketches, charts, but not in a "making of" kind of way, but in a immersive RPG sort of way, as if this was Bruce Wayne´s personal notebook.

I love the Gotham Police logos, they are stickers that can be peeled of, but i don´t want to, it looks really cool in the book. I also love the handwritten posts by Alfred and Lucius Fox.

There are also police reports, like this one stamped “case closed,” on the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

The Joker cards are also particularly creepy, specially the card used in the Judge scene.

There´s also a plant of the Batcave, in case you are planning to build your own batcave underneath your house.

So there´s plent of meat to satisfy the nolanist in you )  

domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

Batman Arkham Universe: The Ultimate Visual Guide

Finally i could get my dirty fanboy clutches in this awesome hard cover visual dictionary of the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" games.

In this awesome bright, heavy and colored 200 pages edition there´s wonderful renders of characters, scenarios, equipment and vehicles which appeared in the Rocksteady "Batman" games.

It´s a beautiful visual memento for the fans of the series. A little bit on the "obvious" side of things, as the alternate uniform gallery, which sounds more like excuses than explanations per se "This uniform would be more at home in a TV show"  "This spiky uniform is something that Azrael would use".

Then again, it´s all in good fun, as even the Arkham games have the fun element on it, as everyone is strong and bulky, so "badass" all the time that you can´t help but smile. But I´m just a fan, so let the gorgeousness of the thing speaks for itself.