quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2016

Train to Busan

Greetings fellow nerds.

Allow me to recommend this movie i watched yesterday, "Train to Busan" which is by far  the best movie i saw this year.  It´s a south Korean survival horror movie, in which passengers of an speeding train witness a zombie outbreak, and must head to the last quarantined city of Busan.

Koreans are the masters of tearjerking TV melodramas, and they use all their talents in this small but sharp masterpiece. Its like "World War Z" meets "28 days later" on a doom train.

Well, South Korea has some of the best TV dramas, the best K-Pop songs, best dance coreographies and now have the best zombie movies too.  :)  Here´s my recommendation, have your kleenex ready.
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