terça-feira, 6 de março de 2018

Rama - 1996 PC Game from Sierra

In 1996 "Sierra" games were killing it on the PC gaming area. They were beautiful and creative, considering the hardware limitations of the time.

At the time i had just read  Arthur Clarke´s "Rama" series, about an mysterious alien ship who were collecting species around the universe for its alien Zoo, humans included. So Sierra released a massive computer game about those books, in a beautiful box with 3 CDs, complete with filmed actors and CGI scenarios,  in which humans astronauts board the passing ship "Rama" and explore its environments. I recall having a blast, spending weeks solving the (not so difficult) puzzles and riddles.  Arthur Clarke himself appeared to give tips from time to time to the gameplay. If you´re into retro-gaming, they may you have a good hunt!
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