quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2016

Star Trek books by William Shatner

Have you folks have read books from the "Shatnerverse"?

They are pocketbooks written by Shatner and friends in the late 1990s to 2000s) focused on Kirk (obviously) and are massive ego-trips but immensily fun reading. Real page turners from my point of view.

Using the whole Trek universe as a sandbox, Kirk´s adventure starts slowly and depressing shortly after the movie Star Trek VI. Then a vengeful admiral sets him up for something evil, using a lady in distress as a bait. Then goes a plot which really completes Star Trek VI and stops right before "Generations".

"The Return" takes place after Generations and before First Contact, and so "Dark Victory" takes the events from First Contact to teell another great story. (The events from First Contact created the Mirror Universe!

A quieter story, but equally compelling is "Avenger" which tells a plausible story of Vulcan saboteurs which want to stop mankind from wrecking  ecosystems across the universe by mindless colonization. That would make a whole season of talkative "Next Generation " episodes.

So these books "tie the knots" of many TNG threads left abandoned. It kinda feels like Babylon 5 and X-files, with a big conspiracy going on. (hey, it´s the 1990s).
So, heres my suggestion for treasure hunting :) 

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