quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2016

My ALEX ROSS collection

Since artist Alex Ross brought comic books to life with his uncanny paintings, his work
became a prize for comic book collectors. I was only able to grab a few relics, which
stand proudly on my humble shelves.

This is my Alex Ross collection so far.

Mythology is the Alex Ross artbook, in which he shares hundreds of his marvelous panels and some secrets of his art.

For DC comics he produced the JUSTICE storyline, and with it, those greatly detailed action figures, which feature classic and timeless versions of the JUSTICE LEAGUE.

HAWKMAN is surely one majestic action figure. He is bigger than a pigeon.

I guess this is the most amazing HAWKMAN figure i ever saw, and this includes the "Superpowers" collection from 1984.  :) 
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