sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Gameboy Advance

Dear blogspot, Forgive me as I haven´t blogged for many months, but it´s for a good cause, since i got a new job as an illustrator in a new agency.

One of the side effects, as I arrive early at work, is that I have a entire hour to kill before starting to work diving in a big sofa.

In the last six months, i´ve been playing a bunch of delightful Game Boy Advance games:

"Final Fantasy IV", "Final Fantasy I&II" "Golden Sun", "Tomb Raider: The Prophecy","Tomb Raider: Legend", "Tomb Raider: Adventures of Lara Croft","Street Fighter Turbo Revival" and "The Lost Vikings".

Loved "Final Fantasy IV"(1991,2005), which i tried to play on the PC, using the SuperNES emulator. But the SuperNES graphics fits better on the small Gameboy screen, it´s ubercute, i can´t look away. And the legendary soundtrack its legendary as ever.I couldn´t supress a giant
smile after finishing it. Guess I won´t be needing to play the remake on the NintendoDS.

"Golden Sun"(2001). This is truly a masterpiece of a game, a original RPG for the GBA which is
not a adaptation of a SuperNES game. Guess that, for any RPG fan, it´s reason enough to buy
a GBA. What can i say, its traditional in a sense that use battle in turns, but it knows how to use it´s graphics engines wisely, using and abusing of particle effects and music. A little tragedy occured thought. Some GBA cartridges require a battery for the savegames and mine ENDED just prior i finished the game, and i lost 30 hours of gameplay. Some more recent GBA games don´t need the battery to savegames, but unfortunately, this one needed. :/

"The Lost Vikings", i remember playing this game on the computer on early nineties. It´s REALLY challenging. You control three vikings, which were kidnapped from their homeland by a flying saucer, and thrown in a journey through time and space to return home. EAch one has unique abilities like jumping, throwing arrows, defending with a shield, and you must organize them as a team to make them overcome obstacles. It demands ginormous patience to complete it, but i´m set to do it. :)

Gotta go, to be continued in a moment.
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