quarta-feira, 30 de junho de 2010

Valkyrie Profile Silmeria - PS2 game review

"Don´t forget to level up Arngrim and Leone before the end of chapter 3".

That´s the first thing my forum colleagues told me when i mentioned i would buy the PS2 game "Valkyrie Profile Silmeria", the Valkyrie Profile sequel.

I was eager to play it, as they all told me it was the "most beautiful and fascinating RPG ever made for PS2, a real masterpiece".

The little i knew from norse mythology i learned from Marvel´s Thor comic books, and that "Erik the Viking" movie and i was ready to be educated.

So i was fresh from Tri-Ace´s previous game "Star Ocean:Till the end of time", which blew our minds away with such joy, that was a game for the ages, we agreed.

Then we jumped into "Valkyrie Profile Silmeria" eager to be impressed right away, and we did, for the first hours. The beautiful intro in CGI, the poetic and melancholic soundtrack, the uberdetailed scenery of the medieval villages, everything was elegant beyond description.

But the battles, while innovative felt...heavy handed, at first, again, compared to Star Ocean 3,
but my forum mates insisted "Keep playing, keep playing".

Still, the first 10 hours felt so serious, so dull, we felt no involvement at all, no attachment, no character grow, no life, it was like another reviewer mentioned.."Valkyrie Profile will just induce you to sleep". I was expecting another "Final Fantasy" right away.

But my forum mates insisted "Keep playing, keep playing". This was one hard to find game, still, we´re already ready to move on to another title "Rogue Galaxy".

Then we played "Rogue Galaxy" for another 30 hours before we got stuck, then i gave another shot to "VPS". i WOULD level up "Arngrim and Leone" before the end of chapter 3, to get the most powerful weapons and i would beat this game and i would enjoy it.

So, then, by the end of chapter 3, after 80 hours playing, the story ignited with fire, the status quo was altered drastically, it was an eye opener. and presto, THEN we got hooked, then we got the beautiful special moves we saw on youtube, then we were cheering and anxiouly waiting to see what would happen.

I never got tired of the valkyries special move "NIBELUNG VALESTI", it was thrilling everytime.

Finally the other night we finished the game, in a final glorious operatic battle.

I´ll miss the valkyries, miss Rufus and everyone else.

Yes, "Valkyrie Profile Silmeria" was all that.

Emotionally satisfying and somewhat draining, now i can join my forum colleagues
recommending this game for the RPG´s fans: "Keep playing, you´ll be rewarded".
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