quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2008

Iron Man - 2008

Can´t say how much i loved this smart and perfectly crafted movie, what a pleasant experience it was. Iron man being a hybrid of past, present, cartoon and Ultimate storylines. Just brilliant. Loved all the references to previous incarnations of Iron Man, some obvious, some very subtle. One of those was to listen the 1968´s cartoon theme played by a Jazz band on the Casino scene, and in the cellphones. Enough to make a geek giggle geekly. and Man, I want that armor!

About the songs, Black Sabath´s Iron Man song also fitted perfectly. So is the 1983 punk song "Suicidal Tendencies". It fits, after all this guy is in his 40´s! The whole scene was hilarious.

Now, listening to the orchestral soundtrack, I just find Iron Man movie theme a little too similar to Michael Kamen´s and Metallica´s masterpiece "S & M", in which Michael Kamen is conducting the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. I want to believe it was a coincidence.

I can´t wait to read the Iron Man movie novelization in pocket book format, as usual, written by master Peter David. He´s a fan favourite Hulk comic book author and Star Trek book writer and his writing flows like pure water. He fills the gaps between scenes, including elements from the original script which eventually didn´t survived the final cut and also includes elements from the comic book continuity plus his own brand of ingenuity making it a complete and elucidative experience.
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