segunda-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2008

Madredeus - Antologia - CD review

How can i start? In 1999 i was introduced to the portuguese music. The portuguese language as we speak in Brazil is a little bit different from the original, as spoken in Portugal. For us, the original portuguese is distant, exotic, noble, almost alien. And the portuguese music, the "Fado", as opposite to our generical brazilian festive music, is often sad, and loaded with sentiment, with songs that talk about love lost to the ocean, about what might have beens, about old glory. It is a fascinating genre by itself, and the eventual bystander can even look curious, find it interesting and then walk his own path unchanged.

BUT..wait until you hear MADREDEUS.

You can´t. No one can hear their songs and even BE the same person again. It´s beyond Fado. This is why music itself was created/discovered. It can turn rock into gold. It is like opening your eyes for the first time. The song "Haja o que houver" can rescue true love from scratch. And you do want to make the world a better, nobler, gentler place for the one you love. This is not artificially patched together music, this is the real thing, everything that any epic or intimate song aspires to be, as big as the ocean, as calm as the universe, as gentle as a kiss and as heart pounding.

Teresa Salgueiro recently took a leave of absence from Madredeus , pursuing a rich and diverse solo carrera, (but left doors open to return) Which produced interesting new CDs, such as "Obrigado"(Thank you) in collaboration with other artists, and "Você e Eu" which cheerful versions of brazilian popular music, and music that a new generation of us brazilians SHOULD know. More about "Você e Eu" in another opportunity. :)
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