sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2007

Superman Returns

I watched "Superman Returns", and it was weird, like Hurley would say..and its weirdness lie not with the amazing intro and John Williams soundtrack, not with the amazing special effects, not with the retro Lex Luthor, not even with the yucky initial scene with a old lady dying . Spoilers down below:

- Clark´s there watching TV, seeing a lot of tragedies on TV, warzones, etc, and it´s like: "Oh Dear". Like he couldn´t be there in 2 seconds and fix things up.

- Superman saves a plane and then gets there receiving applauses for about 20 minutes, like he actually needed that! (like he if was..Captain Marvel JR or other Sub hero) He can do his job and get away for a coffee in Aspen or Greece or something. This is what happens when a guy who never travelled anywhere writes about a guy who could travel everywhere.

- "Lois" gets beaten by a henchman, since when? She´s the daughter of General Sam Lane, she can clear a room filled with henchmen!
- Superman is mute! Isn´t it Pre-Crisis Superman? Where´s "Great Scott"? "Great Rao"?

- Why they didn´t just hired John Byrne!?!
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