domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

The Lost Room (2006 minisseries)

I was hunting for Sci-Fi movies on Netflix and I just remembered  this incredible minisseries from 2006 "THE LOST ROOM".

 It was 3 movie like episodes aired on the Sci-fi channel.

It´s hard to talk about it without a few spoilers, but here we go. The story involves people who collects "the objects".  The objects are seemingly ordinary objects like glasses, keys, knivess, bus tickets. BUT due to the mysterious "Event", a glitch in the universal matrix,  the purpose of these objects were cosmically scrambled, like in programming, their "actionscript" gets messed up: the wristwatch boils eggs, the bus ticket teleports people to New Mexico, the comb stops time for ten seconds and so on.

So, a sort of not so secret club is formed around those objects, obsessed collectors reunite trying to sort it of its powers, and debunk "fake" objects or objects with unknown powers. More dangerous factions researching the objects arrive to terrifying conclusions.

Some people try to use these "superpowers" to their advantage, but since their are messing with a "failure" in the coding of the universe, everything goes wrong with them

I am tempted to tell more, but if you haven´t seen it, i urge you to save a day to enjoy this hidden masterpiece.
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