segunda-feira, 16 de maio de 2016

The Dark Knight Manual

Greetings folks! Allow me to share with you this relic i acquired recently. "The Dark Knight Manual", 112 pages, giant sized, based on the  Christopher Nolan´s Batman trilogy.  It´s a guide to  tools, vehicles, and technologies shown in the movie.

This book presents concept arts, sketches, charts, but not in a "making of" kind of way, but in a immersive RPG sort of way, as if this was Bruce Wayne´s personal notebook.

I love the Gotham Police logos, they are stickers that can be peeled of, but i don´t want to, it looks really cool in the book. I also love the handwritten posts by Alfred and Lucius Fox.

There are also police reports, like this one stamped “case closed,” on the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

The Joker cards are also particularly creepy, specially the card used in the Judge scene.

There´s also a plant of the Batcave, in case you are planning to build your own batcave underneath your house.

So there´s plent of meat to satisfy the nolanist in you )  
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