terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2016

"Valkyria Chronicles"(PS3)

I´m truly loving this precious gem of a game: "Valkyria Chronicles".

One of mine favourite games of all time was "Fire Emblem" on the Nintendo GBA, in which you commanded your troops in a turn based strategic RPG. It had a "GUILT" based system of sorts, as each of your soldiers had a backstory, they are no nameless goons, everyone has friends, relatives, and it´s devastating when each of them bite the dust.

But, since then i turned to Sony and it´s playstations, so i was cut out of Fire Emblem sequels.  Until i found this marvelous game, which is basically a super Fire Emblem, a spiritual sequel. You command your troops, in a alternate reality steampunk 1930´s, enjoy the anime storytelling and cry your heart out when they die for good (which i don´t intend too).

So, if you want to play a steampunk game which looks like a Miyazaki movie, i truly recommend this one.
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