terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2016

FATE Extra (PSP) - Fate Stay Night videogame

Recently i finished an amazing japanese RPG "Fate Extra" on the PSP.

"Fate Extra" is a spin off game based on the "Fate Stay Night" anime. On the "Fate Stay Night" anime, which is based on the visual novel of the same name.

The characters are mages who fight for the holy grail, an all power wishing granting device, in a tournament, and for that, they summon historical figures who act as all powerful servants to fight for them. (think Pokemon meets Highlander)

On the "Fate Extra" game, the player is one of those mages, who wakes up without memory in a japanese school, which serves as setting for the tournament.

If you´re a male player, there´s two female warriors you can choose (saber or caster). If you´re a female player. there´s one male (archer).

As the story goes, you´ll form a bond with your magical servant, getting you more than hooked in the game. There´s an arena in which you fight random creatures to level up while preparing to fight with the enemy master. Before each round, each fight with an enemy master and his secret servant you have to gather information, interview other students to try to get information on their identity, so you can prepare your defenses against them.

So, the mixture of RPG and visual novel will addict you, and when it´s over, you´ll get all the FEELs you want ´till you´re numb  :)

Took me 40 hours to complete it, and i want to play it again :)

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