sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2009

Marvel Ultimate Alliance - PS2 game

A few weeks ago we spent two entire days indoors playing "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" on the videogame. It was a two player PS2 action rpg game, in which basically you go around with your classic Marvel superhero punching bad guys inside some corridors. I choose to play with "Thor" and she would be "Storm".

It would be a very generic, even boring gameplay (hey, we were just fresh from beating Final Fantasy X, hard to compete with that) at first glance if were not for the fact that the
writers did a wonderful job with the characterization, adding layers and layers of story and dialogue true with 40 years of Marvel Comics. Continuity and adherence to chronology is something of a commodity these days, with the plague of "reboots" and "dumbing downs" infesting all areas of entertaining. Not here at least. I was led to nerdy tears of joy with the references of the Shiar Empire, from the 80´s X-men comics, Galactus, Asgard, Atlantis, Dr.Strange´s Sanctum Sanctorum, and countless elements which would not impress who was born yesterday.

The ASGARD scenario was particularly beautiful, it was like playing Diablo, but with Marvel heroes. By the end of that sunday, we both fried Dr.Doom together with our combined lightnings. Our thumbs and arms were in pain. It was a well spent victorious weekend. :)

Now, though, the quest for 2 player games in cooperative mode continues.
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