terça-feira, 13 de março de 2018

Alien Isolation (2014 game)

I consider this 2014 "ALIEN" game to be a masterpiece that deserves more attention than it got.

In the story, which serves as a sequel to the first ALIEN, take place while Ellen Ripley is drifting in her 57 cryo sleep and her daugher Amanda leaves to a remote space station in search of info on her location.But, that giant space station,  Sevastópol, also had astronauts who visited the planet in which the Xenomorph ship has crashed and brought Aliens on board. So chaos ensues.

To make things worse, the Station has a central Artificial Intelligence which remote controls the servant androids, the Working Joes, which are buggy as hell, so they can be andomly friendly or violent.

That´s the stage for this gigantic game. As Amanda, you must solve the mystery of the station, search for Ripley´s black box, outsmart the ALIEN who can hear you just fine and fight crazy robots. I nearly had a heart attack playing this game. This game will lead to anxiety attacks as you can´t drop a paper clip without leading the ALIEN to your vicinities.

If you missed this game, i recommend you that you give it a go. I think thiso is a worthy ALIEN sequel. No Prometheus nonsense, no Fasbending, no nothing.

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