sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2016

My Star Wars collection

Greetings fellow nerds! Allow me to share with you a few pieces of my Star Wars collection i have gathered over the years.

I played this amazing game to the ground on the PS1, with graphics ahead of its time, well used John Williams soundtrack, and all and all, the first filmed Star Wars footage in decades. Along with "Galactic Battlegrounds" for the PC, and "Episode III" for the PS2, this is my favourite Star Wars game :)

"Empire at War" was another beautiful game that kept me awake for many many nights. In front of it, an Eaglemoss Batman and a Eaglemoss Darth Vader

This was a gorgeous visual guide that included many things from the Expanded Universe, such as comics and books, but after the "Force Awakens", they were removed from the canon. Still, many things from the Old Republic are sure to be revisited in future Star Wars installments.

The Marvel Star Wars comics drawn by Al Williamson are a labor of love. The inks are so perfect tgat the colors, both old and new, nearly hurt it.

Now, the 1990s Dark Horse Star Wars comics were born for the colors, and they use it with beautiful effect.

A "Power of the Force" Luke Skywalker. A great desktop companion. :) 

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