domingo, 15 de maio de 2016

Batman Arkham Universe: The Ultimate Visual Guide

Finally i could get my dirty fanboy clutches in this awesome hard cover visual dictionary of the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" games.

In this awesome bright, heavy and colored 200 pages edition there´s wonderful renders of characters, scenarios, equipment and vehicles which appeared in the Rocksteady "Batman" games.

It´s a beautiful visual memento for the fans of the series. A little bit on the "obvious" side of things, as the alternate uniform gallery, which sounds more like excuses than explanations per se "This uniform would be more at home in a TV show"  "This spiky uniform is something that Azrael would use".

Then again, it´s all in good fun, as even the Arkham games have the fun element on it, as everyone is strong and bulky, so "badass" all the time that you can´t help but smile. But I´m just a fan, so let the gorgeousness of the thing speaks for itself.

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