quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

Comic book review: Malaak Angel of Peace issue 3

To say that Joumana Medlej is a real life Lara Croft would be preposterous.

Lara Croft can´t paint.

Besides, Lara hasn´t been in half the places that Joumana has, and hasn´t shared it in a magnificent encyclopedic website that is the spiritual joy of every designer when he´s not busy trying to look cool.

So, this particular lebanese lady also loves comics, and as the ultimate expression for this love, she´s fiercely producing her own title "Malaak: Angel of peace", which easily earns the title "Graphic Novel" every time.

Each edition is heavy, substantial and printed in a delightful glossy paper and now reaches it´s third edition entitled "DARK DREAMS".

Oh yes, just because this is a middle eastern comic written by a real war survivor doesn´t mean it´s poorly drawn in black and white "poor little me I can´t be bothered to learn colors" style fishing for the pity of an alternative journalist wearing red glasses, nor it features dumb animal faces all over the place out of laziness. I´d skip those with an "ugh".

I´m demanding, and i have a full room filled with comics from all over the world from many different time periods, many of them autographed, and I know what I like and what i dislike. I hate dumbed down stories, i hate the "reset button", I hate the "auto-pilot" and terms like "accessible to modern audiences" or "reinventing comics"

I love nitpicking, I love the accursed C word: "CONTINUITY" and i love 1990´s "bad girls" and it´s equivalent, the 2000´s "good girls", I love kung fu. I love bad guys being bad and being stomped real good because of it. So that´s why I cherish every edition of "Malaak" i have.

Save a moment and visit www.malaakonline.com.

You´ll be a believer too. :)

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